Chandon Garden Spritz Sparkling Wine Magnum
Garden Spritz Magnum Garden Spritz Magnum

Garden Spritz Magnum

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Garden Spritz is a blend of an exceptional sparkling wine and a unique bitters recipe crafted with locally sourced fresh oranges macerated with dry orange peels, herbs and spices carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the world. It has no artificial flavors and no artificial colorants. It’s nothing more than naturally delicious.

Where: Summertime, anytime
With: New and old friends on a beautiful day
How: Over ice with an orange slice and garnish of choice. We recommend a sprig of rosemary or cinnamon stick.
Alcohol by volume: 12% vol.
Origin: Argentina
Blend: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon
Aroma: Spicy with a zesty yet rich orange scent
Age: 6 months
Temperature: 46-50°F for serving

Chandon combines traditional French techniques and winemaking knowledge with the beautiful, sun-ripened fruit of California to craft sparkling wines of the highest quality.

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Garden Spritz Magnum

[Bottle] 1.5L