brand story
In the late 1950s, Robert-Jean de Vogüé had the vision, courage and stamina to redefine luxury sparkling wine. He was convinced that the road less travelled led to an exciting future for quality sparkling wine, so he set off on an epic journey to find unexpected new lands in Argentina. And so, it began in 1959 when Maison Chandon was founded on the tradition of innovation. In 60 years of excellence, the pioneering spirit that’s embedded in Chandons DNA has taken the winery all over the globe from Argentina to California, Brazil, Australia, China and India.
Founded in 1973, Domaine Chandon California cultivates beautiful sun-ripened fruit to create sparkling wine that showcases the brightness of California’s terroir. Wide temperature variations from 25 vineyards spread across Yountville, Mount Veeder, and Carneros in Napa Valley provide the ideal conditions for grapes to take on complex flavors. Yountville, the warmest district, adds a strong and robust character to the cuvée while the wines from Mount Veeder are intensely fruity. The expressions from Carneros are like the area itself, fine and cool.
“I want to take the essence of what California is and put it in a bottle.”
Pauline Lhote, Director of Winemaking

Chandon combines traditional French techniques and winemaking knowledge with the beautiful, sun-ripened fruit of California to craft sparkling wines of the highest quality.


Domaine Chandon’s Director of Winemaking Pauline Lhote was born and raised in Champagne, France, but established her roots in Napa Valley. Since taking on her role at 33, she has been responsible for every part of the winemaking process—from the vineyards to the sparkling wine in the glass.

Now a leader in the industry, she has helped the estate establish its own style by drawing out rich regional flavors and aromas to reflect the vibrant characteristics of the Golden State.