Yayoi Kusama adorns the La Grande Dame 2012 case and bottle with her iconic symbols. The opulent flower symbolizes vital energy, love, and celebration of life. The polka dots, Yayoi Kusama's signature patterns, are reworked like champagne bubbles to embody La Grande Dame 2012.
Dom Perignon x Lady Gaga

Two Fascinating Women, Two Parallel Destinies

Previously in 2006, Yayoi Kusama had already played with her famous polka dots by revivifying the original portrait of Madame Clicquot for a charity auction in Tokyo.

So, the dialogue between the artist and the Maison has never stopped and has reached another milestone in its most inspiring and sharing ways.

Image ©Yayoi Kusama

La Grande Dame 2012: The Glory of Pinot Noir

Madame Clicquot believed that pinot noir had the broadest range of expression and potential to create the best champagne.

“Our black grapes give the finest white wines."

La Grande Dame, is a showcase of the houses excellence. It perfectly expresses its love for pinot noir, which since the 2008 vintage, has represented over 90% of the blend.