Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Champagne 2008 Magnum
Grand Vintage 2008 Magnum Grand Vintage 2008 Magnum

Grand Vintage 2008 Magnum

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Size 1.5L 1.5L
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Save a spot at the table for only the finest of champagne. This vintage opens with a bouquet of honeysuckle and acacia followed by stone fruits, almonds and vanilla. The finish is mouth-watering with a lingering note of citrus that serves as an invitation for another round of popping and pouring.

Where: A spur-of-the-moment celebration
With: The neighbors
How: With small dishes featuring a crispy texture, such as tartines with a variety of savory toppings
Alcohol by volume: 13% vol.
Origin: France
Blend: 40% Chardonnay, 37% Pinot Noir and 23% Meunier
Aroma: Roasted almonds and yeasty scents on the nose are intermixed with toasty citrus, brioche and cashew
Age: 7 years

Moët & Chandon is synonymous with both cherished traditions and modern pleasures and has helped celebrate life's most triumphant moments for more than 270 years.

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Grand Vintage 2008 Magnum

[Bottle] 1.5L