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Nectar Impérial

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Long nights are made better with Moët & Chandon’s Nectar Impérial. Instantly brighten up the mood with a burst of tropical fruit aromas. Enjoy it neat or over ice to bring out the champagne’s flavors. Then end things on an even sweeter note by pairing it with dessert, such as nougat and toffee.

Where: A friend's house
With: A chilled bottle and champage glasses
How: With candy or pastries with a nutty profile
Alcohol by volume: 12% vol.
Origin: France
Blend: 40-50% pinot noir, 30-40% Meunier and 10-20% Chardonnay
Aroma: On the nose, a burst of exotic fruits merges with the roudness of stone fruit and a slight hint of vanilla
Age: 2 years
Temperature: 50-54°F for serving,50-59°F for storage

Moët & Chandon is synonymous with both cherished traditions and modern pleasures and has helped celebrate life's most triumphant moments for more than 270 years.

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Nectar Impérial

[Bottle incl. Gift Box] 750ml