brand story
Founded in 1977, Newton Vineyard is one of the most prestigious estates in California. The single square mile of hillside pioneered by English businessman Peter Newton is an impressive site with expansive vistas of Napa Valley and beyond. It is there where he chose to create wines that would capture the multifaceted character of Napa: Embracing the radiant California sun while also featuring the structure offered by the Valley's cool, foggy nights. Today, it is a leading producer of unfiltered wines that stay true to their unique terroirs and are enjoyable both at release or after decades of careful cellaring.
Newton Vineyards, California
Winemaking & Terroir

Located on the steep slopes of Spring Mountain, the estate produces wines that are vinified separately then blended together. Each parcel has a unique combination of soil type, sun exposure, and microclimate, which gives the wines a great variety of flavors and aromas. This provides the winemaker with an exceptional palette from which the wines from Newton vineyards can be blended. Fermentation occurs naturally, with local yeasts, to protect the characteristics of the fruit and to contribute to the complexity of the finished blended wine.

Newton Vineyards, California

Born in Sebastopol in Sonoma County, Andrew Holve’s California roots run deep. His great-grandparents were orange farmers and farming was something his family did together as a hobby. They planted a small vineyard in their yard and he made his first wine at 10 years old. As Head of Winemaking at Newton, he brings together his experiences working at vastly different and international wineries with a proudly local sensibility to showcase the distinctiveness of their mountain terroir, which delivers a lively balance of bright freshness and ripe Napa fruit.

“Ultimately, the environment shapes these wines. I nurture and allow them time to make a wine that spotlights and stands true to the Napa Valley.”

Andrew Holve, Head of Winemaking