[noo man thee-ah]

brand story
Founded in 1998, Bodega Numanthia is a veritable emblem of Toro, a Spanish region with longstanding traditions in winemaking and viticulture. Its vineyards, which produce three expressions of Tinta de Toro, a rare grape variety renowned for its concentration, balanced tannins, and elegant notes, were planted during Roman times many centuries ago. Since then, they have survived wars, revolutions, phylloxera attacks, and extreme climate conditions to produce powerful and intense vintages year after year.
Numanthia Winery, Spain

A Unique Terroir

Bodega Numanthia vines, the oldest of which were planted in 1880, are a living symbol of resilience. In order to endure the region’s dry climate, they need plenty of space so that their roots can spread out far and deep into the sandy and rocky soil. Living embodiments of tenacity, they are strong in the face of the sharpest winter and the heaviest summer’s suffocating heat.

“We hope to preserve these ancient vines and their expression, which combines both the structural power and elegance of terroir that can be found in our wines.”
Lucas Löwi, Estate Director

From manual de-stemming to foot-crushing, creating wine from Tinta de Toro grapes involves handcrafting excellence and meticulous know-how—something Lucas Löwi is more than familiar with. Born in Mendoza, Argentina, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, his immersion into the wine world began early. Surrounded by altitude vineyards, he learned how to cultivate vines in extreme weather conditions. As Estate Director, he seeks to preserve Bodega Numanthia’s heritage with the vision of offering wines on par with the best wines from Spain.